It Looks Like A Pimple On His Head, But What They Pulled Out Shocked Them

Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee, widely recognized as Dr. Pimple Popper, has amassed an impressive following of over three million subscribers on YouTube, thanks to her captivating videos showcasing the extraction of various skin blemishes. In one of her recent uploads, initially shared on Monday, Dr. Lee skillfully tackles the removal of a pilar cyst situated on a woman’s scalp.

Leveraging her surgical expertise and the application of numbing medication, the extraction unfolds seamlessly and provides a gratifying spectacle for viewers. The crescendo of the procedure occurs around the 1:48 mark when the cyst releases a cascade of unpleasant content, culminating at 2:30 as Dr. Lee deftly extracts the entire cyst as a cohesive, bulbous entity.

Throughout the surgical endeavor, Dr. Lee engages in an intriguing dialogue with the patient. The woman recounts a previous, ill-fated attempt to address a cyst at home, where she resorted to squeezing it. To her dismay, a few days later, she discovered “something pointy” protruding from the cyst, indicating that it hadn’t been fully evacuated.

This anecdote serves as a poignant reminder that do-it-yourself cyst extraction endeavors are generally ineffective and, more importantly, pose potential risks.

Pilar cysts, as elucidated by DermNet NZ, the educational platform of the New Zealand Dermatological Society, are benign growths commonly localized on the scalp. These cysts manifest as sacs within the skin that accumulate keratin, the protein constituting hair and nails. The expulsion of this material during cyst squeezing is characterized by its peculiar texture and odor, resembling the cheesy and pungent substance associated with such dermatological occurrences.

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