If Your Body Suddenly Jerks While Falling Asleep, THIS Is What It Means

No matter how frequently I experience it, the sensation never seems to improve or become less abrupt. You know the scenario – just as you’re about to drift off into the world of dreams, a sudden falling sensation or an unexpected impact startles you awake.

This peculiar phenomenon, often wondered about, has now been officially termed the “hypnic jerk,” and researchers have unraveled its meaning. The hypnic jerk is subjective in its description, with many likening it to the feeling of falling or, oddly, being choked by a demon during sleep.

Scientists attribute the hypnic jerk to various external factors, such as caffeine and tobacco, which may increase its frequency. Recommendations include avoiding caffeinated drinks close to bedtime. Additionally, medications like Adderall and Ritalin, along with sleep deprivation, have been observed to trigger this phenomenon.

The hypnic jerk is most commonly experienced when falling asleep rapidly, during, or after exhaustive states. In rare instances, extreme exhaustion can cause the brain to expedite the processing of sleep stages, leading to confusion and a false alarm about the body’s major systems failing.

As a response, the brain jolts the individual awake with a surge of chemicals, potentially crafting a dream designed to act as a wake-up call. This forms the foundation of the ‘hypnic jerk’ theory.

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